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Refresh Training and Consultancy Ltd recognises the vast variety of organisations, charities, community groups and businesses that exist. We have seen church leaders, community leaders, social media influencers, CEO’s and third-sector directors coping with burn-out, or simply facing a wide range of issues and challenges on their own.

We are here to help.

Through our range of training modules, we can offer support, consulting, mentoring and training to your organisation.

Our purpose is to help you achieve your purpose.

The training we provide is relevant for everyone, from company directors to interns, volunteers to charity workers, community groups to local churches. We can also develop tailored, solution-oriented, training programmes specific to your organisation.

A number of today’s organisations sometimes struggle to break free from mediocrity, and could benefit from outside help. There are lots of great books available that leaders can read about on how to turn around their organisations, but sometimes it takes a hands-on approach by an unbiased consultant to effect real change. We can do this by primarily running either face to face workshops for you and your leadership teams, or we also offer a range of virtual workshops and support.

Sometimes you may just require fresh, well-experienced eyes to separate the good from the best opportunities. At other times you may require someone from the ‘outside’ to say what you can’t. There are also moments for all leaders where it’s very difficult and don’t know where to turn.

A list of courses that we offer is on our ‘Training Courses’ page of this website. However, we are also available to support you through a range of modules and workshops.

It’s important that the leadership team all agree with the clear vision, but how you achieve it takes a variety of ideas, thoughts, and talents.

Vision leaks. This means that even if the vision was once cast to the leadership team when first appointed, or when the organisation was founded. it is important to remind the team regularly of what the vision is. The methods used to meet the objectives should be varied and creative, but the objective and vision should constantly be clear, cast and consistent.

Do you have a Vision Statement? This module will help clarify the vision and the purpose of your organisation, and why your organisation exists.

To put a coating, or blanket around the vision is what we call ‘key values’. This is a joint agreement of what you hold important.

Once the vision and values are identified and practiced,, this will in-turn create a culture. Culture is the environment of your organisation. If you go into a McDonalds in London, Beirut, Dubai or Lagos, you will experience a similar culture within this fast-food restaurant, no matter the currency, language or demographics. You know what to expect in a McDonalds because of the consistent culture it has created around the world.

There are some great young leaders who are fresh out of college or university, and already doing an amazing work and building an impressive portfolio. There are also many others who carry scars and ‘dents in their armour’. How do we deal with our dents? What do we define as ‘dents’. We know that there are more expressible words we could use, but dents or marks in our ‘leadership armour’, exist for many of us. These are marks that are not generally visible or physical. Yet, through our own choices, mistakes or due to the fault of others, as leaders we now carry the scars of the past.

There are mentoring and life-coaching sessions we at Refresh offer on an individual basis for leaders and people who have experienced these types of painful experiences. We even offer life-coaching for couples.

These ‘dents in the armour’ could be from ‘friendly fire’. A trusted business associate, a client/customer of many years, a friend etc… How do we deal with such dents? What of they impacted our family? What happens when those you may have trusted disappoint or even worse, go on the attack against you. Or you may simply be dealing with consistently overlooked in your company where you work? This can lead to a dent/scar which can subtly impact your confidence. What about if it’s you, the leader, who has fallen short?

This module is about how to cope with these experiences. We bring a fresh approach to your outlook, something you may not always see.

This module is raw and real, regarding life in business or any organisation where you work/interact with people.

In this module we look at managing conflict, positioning effectively and managing organisational behaviour. In this module we look at ‘positions on the bus’. This is a key leadership value that was introduced in his book, ‘Good to Great’ by Jim Collins. Collins creates a lasting and memorable metaphor by comparing an organisation to a bus and the leader as a bus driver. He emphasises that it is crucial to continuously ask “First who, then what?”

Maybe you are the bus driver of your community group, or company. The bus, your company/charity/organisation, is at a standstill, and it’s your job to get it going. You have to decide where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, and who’s going with you. 

Most people assume that great bus drivers immediately start the journey by announcing to the people on the bus where they’re going-by setting a new direction or by articulating a fresh corporate vision. In fact, leaders of companies that go from good to great start not with “how we get there” but with “who.” And they stick with that discipline-first the people, then the direction-no matter how dire the circumstances.

This isn’t always an easy principle, especially for new businesses or organisations that are just getting started, and not always able to afford the top people, the reality can be to ‘fill a gap’. This can be difficult to avoid in those early days. However, the value from Jim Collins is an important part of organisational structure that will be shared in greater detail in this module.

We always hear of small organisations or businesses struggling to survive past year one. However, there are a consistent number of groups, charities and companies that crumble from within, when all ‘on the surface’ seems well.

As The liner ‘Titanic’ headed toward the iceberg in 1912, it suddenly took, rapid and evasive action to avoid the iceberg. And the ship actually avoided the iceberg – on the surface. Unfortunately, just beneath the surface where the hidden danger lurked, which ripped through the ship causing it to descend to the bottom of the Atlantic within two hours of the collision.

What is hidden below the surface, if not avoided or addressed, can have negative results with your company or organisation.

This module primary focus is on the principles of resilience and the leaders ability to look after what is hidden.

The Compound Effect is what success looks like. This module focuses on key leadership decisions that shape your future.

Little, everyday decisions will take you either to the life you desire or to missed opportunities. This concept was originally introduced by business leader, Darren Hardy, from the United States. Yet, these compound effect principles bypasses culture and language. This is a global principle and model we must all adapt too. Decisions you make today can be prophecies for your life fifteen years from now.

This is a key principle that can make a huge difference to your life, organisation and family.

This principle can overlap with the compound effect, and yet demands its own course and teaching. It’s a module that will impact all areas of your life. The power of thought was reflected by the words of a Hebrew king three thousand years ago who stated, ‘What a person thinks, so is he’.

What goes on inside our thoughts and heart determines our choices, actions and responses.

Mental Health and Mind expert, Dr Caroline Leaf said, ‘When you think, you build thoughts, and these become physical substances in your brain.”

Much of what is gained or lost in our lives, starts with our thoughts. This is a valuable module for everyone, and can be applied throughout all areas of your life, not just in business leadership.

One thing that is consistent, is change. Dust settles on things that are not moving, though it can feel uncomfortable at times. People who feel under pressure, tend to look back for comfort. To build success, cope with growth and experience increase, we must continually adapt and be open for change. It’s easy to stagnate.

How do leaders handle change? How do leaders introduce change? Don’t under-estimate people’s response to change. This module doesn’t hold back and probably affects every leader that desires to move forward and impact their community.

The words of a dying business, organisation, charity, church, community group – ‘We’ve always done it this way’!

Remember Kodak, or Blockbuster?

So much focus and energy is required to kick-start a career, business, organisation that we can often forget to envision success and how we would cope with it. This module is all about the longevity of success. Ways of adopting principles and lessons are shared in this key module.

Whether you identify with one module or more, don’t hesitate to contact us for an informal chat, online zoom/teams call. The environment of these presentations are relational, and enjoyable.

Questions to ask

  • How do we create a vision for new structures rather than make changes as a “knee-jerk” response?
  • How can the staff and volunteers feel excited about changes in light of a shared vision and strategy? 
  • How can we keep the best of a “small business feel” while working more strategically and decisively at all levels of leadership?
  • How can training in vision, clarity, and communication strengthen the boldness of senior leadership without it feeling “personality based”?
  • How can the staff not only embrace change, but learn important perspectives and disciplines to drive and manage growth to another level?
  • What are we ultimately supposed to be doing and how are we to define and measure success?

Invest in your staff and volunteers. Witness an increase in productivity and ownership through your investment in Refresh Training and Consultancy Ltd.


At Refresh, we have the knowledge and experience to support you in UK charity governance.
We can introduce and guide you through business plans, charity constitution, policies & procedures, GDPR governance, safeguarding policies, confidenciality agreements, staff handbooks & volunteer application forms.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill