About Refresh Training & Consultancy Ltd

Keep on Learning, Bettering and Developing – never stop!

As a Training organisation, we exist to help you cope with growth and achieve YOUR purpose, through training, mentoring, coaching and consultancy.

Our family business which is based on the south coast of England, pride ourselves in being relational and approachable. We possess many years experience in the field of global training, senior leadership and consultancy, having operated in a number of nations around the world including the USA, Hong Kong, UAE, Europe as well as the UK.

Please take a few moments to check out the range of services we can deliver for you. The training we provide is appropriate for a variety of organisations around the world. From company directors, trustees, CEO’s, interns, charity volunteers to front-line workers.

We are also in a position to support you through our tailor-made consultancy programmes to support your organisation. These are changing and challenging days for many businesses and organisations, and we are here to serve and support you – not just survive, but to thrive in your next chapter.

Do not neglect your own well being and mental health, we are here to support you as an individual leader through our Life Coaching sessions. None of us are irreplaceable, and yet – if you last the business/career journey, there’s a good chance your organisation will as well. Look after yourself, invest in yourself and in your own continued development.

Support often only goes downward, if there are only a few around you or above you, the self-aware leader in you can often get neglected. From the perspective of the outside looking in, we can make a difference.

Whether you are looking for training, consultancy, a public speaker at your conference, a life coach, or someone to lead a variety of workshops, don’t hesitate to contact us.